I'm a typography enthusiast, lover of the details, and believe that life is spent best doing things that bring you an untethered feeling of joy. I started Juniperfolk Designs after leaving the restaurant industry & it has been a wild ride ever since. I am grateful for the opportunities to meet incredible creatives through my business and wouldn't change a thing.

based in northern michigan, serving clients worldwide.

Hi, I'm Claire. Welcome to my corner of the internet.






how many months I spent gathering the courage to launch my business

how much I got paid for my first freelance article that was published

How many social accounts I have the opportunity to interact with

the collective revenue of my clients after they launched with a juniperfolk website

Freshwater beaches

Crispy french fries

Morning workouts

Oatmilk lattes

Family time

Thrift stores

Hotel pillows

Motivational books

Juniperfolk at a glance

You're a busy business owner. Let me take care of the website.

so you can get back to the things that light your soul on fire.